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آگهی استخدام کارشناس پروژه های جوانان و هیت مدیره

انجمن سلامت خانواده ایران از واجدین شرایط ذیل جهت پست کارشناس پروژه های جوانان و هیت مدیره دعوت به همکاری می نماید:

_ دارا بودن حداقل 2 سال سابقه مفید اجرائی

_ تسلط به زبان انگلیسی و کامپیوتر

_ تجربه مکفی در زمینه فعالیتهای سازمانهای مردمنهاد (NGO) و پروژه نویسی

_ دارا بودن تحصیلات حداقل لیسانس در حوزه مرتبط با بهداشت

متقاضیان رزومه و انگیزه نامه خود را با ذکر "آگهی استخدام کارشناس ترویج و ارتباطات" در عنوان، حداکثرتا پایان وقت اداری روز شنبه مورخ 11 مهرماه سال 1394 ارسال نمایند.


فاکس: 66907222


شرایط عمومی استخدام در انجمن:

1-پایبندی به نظام و قانون اساسی جمهوری اسلامی ایران .

2-تابعيت نظام جمهوري اسلامي ايران

3-داشتن كارت پايان خدمت وظيفه يامعافيت دائم غيرپزشكي از خدمت (ويژه آقایان)

4-نداشتن سوءپیشینه کیفری که موجب محرومیت از حقوق اجتماعی گردیده باشد

5-عدم اعتیاد به مواد مخدر به تایید مراجع ذیصلاح

6-نداشتن منع استخدام به موجب آراء مراجع قانوني .

7-پایبندی به اساسنامه و آئین نامه و مصوبات هیات مدیره انجمن .

8-دارا بودن اخلاق کاری

9-دارا بودن خلاقیت ، نوآوری و هدفمندی در کار.

10-دارا بودن روابط عمومی بالا و قابلیت انجام کار تیمی به بهترین نحو .

11-توانایی برنامه ریزی فردی .

12-انعطاف پذیری و دارا بودن قدرت اداره چندین کار بطور همزمان .

13-وقت شناسی و دارا بودن توانایی انجام امور واگذار شده در زمان های تعیین شده.

شرح وظایف کارشناس در انجمن سلامت خانواده ایران:

Title:Program Officer

Duty Station:Tehran

Supervisor:Program Manager

Purpose of the Post:

Under the general supervision of the Program Manager, contributes to, data analysis, project design, planning, implementation, monitoring and the evaluation of FHA Iran’s projects. , the program officer will perform tasks indicated below; thereby improve performance of the projects and achieve results.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

- Collects and analyzes data for the situation analysis, advocacy, and project planning, management, monitoring and evaluation purposes. Analyzes programme implementation reports and evaluates against established programme recommendations and plans of action. Prepares tables, graphs and other statistical data. Reports outcome of analysis and proposes corrective actions.

- Undertakes ongoing visits to FHA Iran project sites, assesses local conditions and resources, and monitors FHA Iran inputs. Communicate with partners, on project feasibility and effectiveness including monitoring the flow of supply and non-supply assistance.

- Focal point for work plan related to programme activities (budget and finance): input work plans cost, links existing and expected resources to planning elements indicating both budget and unmet needs.

- Assist in preparation of project reports.

- Undertakes follow-up action on advocacy and programme implementation activities, contributes to teamwork building, and prepares relevant reports. Drafts changes in programme work plans as required.

- Attends technical cooperation meetings, prepares notes and undertakes follow-up action and coordination related to programme implementation and monitoring.

- Assists in identification and selection of technical services, supplies and equipment.

- Assist in development of documents, presentations and other appropriate means of communication,

- Assists in the preparation of funding gap analyses, funding proposals, budget utilization reports and analyses and other and other relevant documentation ensuring accuracy and consistency with established rules and regulations. Maintains the FHA Iran computerized programme management system (eIMS) database and submits relevant reports.

- Selects and compiles training and orientation, as well as IEC materials for those involved in programme implementation, including donor and media visits.

- Evaluates and analyzes financial and supply reports to ensure appropriateness of documentation, expenditures are within allotments. Reports to the Supervisor and/or CEO the outcome of reviews.

- Drafts relevant sections of reports (required for donors, management, annual reports, etc.)

- Close oversight over implementing partners’ activities, through periodic field visits and reports.

- Ensure any follow-up actions are carried out.

Qualification and Experience:

- At least BA degree, preferably in health sciences, social sciences or related technical fields.

- At least two years of progressively responsible experience in programme design, administration, monitoring and evaluation or related field.

- Fluency in spoken English and good command of written English is required. Knowledge of the local working language of the duty station is necessary.

- Computer skills, including internet navigation, and various office applications, especially MS-Office applications and utilities.

- Shares knowledge and experience.

- Ability to perform a variety of specialized tasks related to Results Management, including support to design, planning and implementation of programme, managing data, reporting.

- Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude.

- Remains calm, in control and good humored even under pressure.

- Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities.

a) Technical knowledge requirements specific to the job:

  • Essential professional knowledge of Education/Basic Education programmes.
  • Essential Technical Knowledge of theories, principles and methods in areas of: Education; Primary Education, Economics, Social Sciences.
  • b) Common Technical Knowledge of theories and practices in:

  • Project management in SRHR
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Training and Capacity Development in SRHR
  • ·Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-cultural environment, and establish harmonious and effective working relationships both within and outside the organization.

    ·Initiative, passion and commitment to FHA Iran’s mission and values.

    General knowledge of:

  • Methodology of project management.
  • Education Programmatic goals, policies and strategies.
  • Knowledge of global education issues, specifically relating to children and women.
  • FHA Iran’s policies and strategy to address SRHR issues, including: conflicts, natural disasters, and recovery.
  • Rights-based and Results-based programming in FHA Iran.
  • FHA Iran programme policy, procedures and guidelines of IPPF.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Gender equality and diversity awareness.
  • Government development plans and policies.
  • Knowledge of local conditions and country legislation relevant to FHA Iran’s programmes.
  • IPPF policies and strategy to address international SRHR issues and the responses.
  • ·Good knowledge of current developments in the field of SRHR, good understanding of issues of vulnerable population in Iran and acquaintance with the field of protection

    درباره نویسنده

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