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استخدام مدیر عامل

انجمن سلامت خانواده ایران به شماره ثبت 8419 استخدام می نماید


آشنا به کار در زمینه بهداشت و حقوق باروری

و دارای سابقه مدیریتی

از متقاضیان درخواست می شود رزومه و انگیزه نامه خود را حداکثر تا پایان روز 5 مهره ماه 1399 به آدرس


یا نمابر 66907222-021

ارسال نماید

انجمن سلامت خانواده ایران (NGO) به شماره ثبت 8419 استخدام می نماید :

مدیر عامل

شرایط کلی:

- حداقل لیسانس با 5 سال سابقه کاری که حداقل 1 سال آن در پست مدیریتی بوده باشد.

-آشنا به تجزيه و تحليل مالي و گزارشات مديريت

-آشنا به زبان انگلیسی

-افراد مبتلا به HIV ، خانم ها و جوانان دارای اولویت استخدامی هستند.

شرایط عمومی استخدام در انجمن:

1-پایبندی به نظام و قانون اساسی جمهوری اسلامی ایران .

2- تابعیت نظام جمهوری اسلامی ایران

3-تحصیلات در زمینه بهداشت و حقوق باروری یا سابقه یک سال همکاری تمام وقت با سازمانی که در زمینه بهداشت و حقوق باروری فعالیت نموده است.

4- داشتن كارت پايان خدمت وظيفه يا معافيت دائم غير پزشكي از خدمت (ویژه آقایان)

5-نداشتن سوء پیشینه کیفری که موجب محرومیت از حقوق اجتماعی گردیده باشد

6-عدم اعتیاد به مواد مخدر به تایید مراجع ذیصلاح

7-نداشتن منع استخدام به موجب آراء مراجع قانوني .

8-پایبندی به اساسنامه و آئین نامه و مصوبات هیات مدیره انجمن .

9-دارا بودن اخلاق کاری

10-دارا بودن خلاقیت ، نوآوری و هدفمندی در کار.

11-دارا بودن روابط عمومی بالا و قابلیت انجام کار تیمی به بهترین نحو .

12-توانایی برنامه ریزی فردی .

13-انعطاف پذیری و دارا بودن قدرت اداره چندین کار بطور همزمان .

14- وقت شناسی و دارا بودن توانایی انجام امور واگذار شده در زمان های تعیین شده.

Family Health Association of Iran - CEO ToR

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Duty Station: Tehran

Supervisor: EXCO

Purpose of the Post:

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the senior management officer of the Corporation. The CEO serves as the leader of and maintains an effective and cohesive senior management team for the Corporation; sets the tone for the Corporation by exemplifying consistent values of high ethical standards and fairness; leads the Corporation in defining its vision; is the main spokesperson for the Corporation; and bears the chief responsibility in ensuring the Corporation meets its short-term operational and long-term strategic goals. The CEO works with and is accountable to the EXCO.


The Chief Executive Officer shall:

- led and manages the members of senior management within the guidelines developed and approved in conjunction with the Board;

- Regularly report to the Board progress with achieving the Board’s objectives and to forthwith advise the Board of any matter which could have a substantial impact on the Company;

- Recommends to the Board strategic directions for the Corporation’s business and, when approved by the Board, consistently strives to achieve the corresponding strategic, business and operational goals and objectives;

- Direct and monitor the activities of the Corporation in a manner that ensures that the assets of the Corporation are safeguarded and optimized in the best interests of all the shareholders;

- Develops and implements operational policies to guide the Corporation within any limits prescribed by the Corporation’s By-Laws and the framework of the strategic directions approved by the Board;

- Develops the corporate objectives, for approval by the Board, for which the CEO is responsible for implementation;

- Identifies the principal risks of the Corporation’s business and ensures the implementation of appropriate systems to manage these risks;

- Develop and recommend the overall corporate organizational structure to the Board ensuring that personnel and systems are in place so that the day-to-day business affairs of the Corporation are appropriately managed;

- Maintains a positive work climate that is conducive to attracting, retaining and motivating a diverse group of top quality employees at all levels;

- Develops and maintains an annual Board-approved plan for the development and succession of senior management;

- Manages and oversees the required interfaces between the Corporation and the public;

- Serves as the chief spokesperson for the Corporation;

- Ensure there is an effective communications policy for the Corporation;

- Ensures that appropriate personnel and systems are in place for the integrity and adequacy of the Corporation’s internal control, disclosure control and management information systems;

- Foster a corporate culture that promotes ethical practices, encourages individual integrity, and fulfills social responsibility; and

- Meets, as required, with the Chair and regularly with other Board members to review material issues and to ensure that the Chair and other Board members are provided in a timely manner with all information and access to corporate management necessary to permit the Board, its committees and/or individual members to fulfill statutory and other obligations.

- Cooperates with and assists the EXCO in conducting an annual review of his performance as the senior management officer.

درباره نویسنده

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